10 Pack of Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles (12pc - 48pc)

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Puzzles for days!

Grow and learn for hours and hours with this jam-packed set of 10 high-quality wooden jigsaw puzzles. 4 sturdy wooden trays hold six 12pc Puzzles, three 24pc Puzzles, and one 48pc Puzzle. That means that as your puzzle skills get better and better you can challenge yourself with higher piece counts! Along your journey you'll pilot hot air balloons, trains, and spaceships, dive underwater, and even stop for ice cream! You'll also learn about the Alphabet, Animals, and the four seasons of the year. Ten you believe it?!

  • Ages 3+
  • 10 high-quality wooden puzzles on 4 wooden trays
  • Wooden pieces help build tactile and dexterity skills
  • Contains six 12pc Puzzles, three 24pc Puzzles, and one 48pc Puzzle
  • LEARN: Puzzles contain learning moments to build familiarity with the Alphabet, Animals, and Seasons

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