Matching + Wooden Sensory Kids Game

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A memory game with a sensory twist!

Includes four different game modes from solo to competitive. The starter shape puzzles allow kids 3+ to put together 20 2-piece learning puzzles. The sensory matching game is a sensory mode that is all about touch. The shape memory game is shape sorting with a memory element. Finally competitive play allows up to 6 players to face-off in sensory matching. With durable wooden pieces, this game is designed to last. It’s a matching game that gives you the feels!

  • Ages 3-6+, 1-6 Players
  • 20 wooden shape pairs- 20 wooden tiles with cutouts and 20 wooden shapes that fit in them!
  • 4 different ways to play ranging from solo to competitive.
  • Game modes age up from 3-6+ years old so the game grows with your little ones.
  • Tactile and sensory game modes give a unique twist on traditional matching and memory.
  • Durable pieces that are designed to last.
  • Helps teach attention, concentration, and focus in little ones.
  • Matching games can nurture visual recognition skills.

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