Learn & Play Flash Cards 4-Pack

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Good things come in fours!

This essential 4-pack of Flash Cards contains everything you'll need to help your kiddo build foundational skills in everything from letters and numbers to shapes, colors, and sight words. Learn letters and numbers through fun, age-appropriate pictures. Have fun learning colors then, learn about how colors can be combined to form other colors! Whoa! Gain familiarity with Pre-K graded sight words, then continue to build a strong foundation for reading with sight words aged K-1st.

  • Ages 3+
  • Pack 1: Letters & Numbers
  • Pack 2: Shapes & Colors
  • Pack 3: Sight Words 1 (Pre-K to Kindergarten)
  • Pack 4: Sight Words 2 (Kindergarten to 1st Grade)
  • Contains 153 quality cards in 4 packs

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